We asked, you responded: How Imagine Boston can help drive inclusive economic growth

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March 2016 saw the release of Guiding Growth: Towards an Inclusive City, Imagine Boston 2030’s first report which outlined four goals to ensure Boston’s growth makes the city more inclusive and innovative:

  • Goal 1: Provide quality of life in accessible neighborhoods
  • Goal 2: Drive inclusive economic growth
  • Goal 3: Invest in infrastructure, open space and culture
  • Goal 4: Promote a healthy environment and adapt to climate change

Since the report was released, Bostonians have shared great ideas with us about their vision for the future of Boston by attending community workshops and leaving comments on coUrbanize.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the comments residents provided that support our second goal: to drive inclusive economic growth.

Since our community outreach efforts began last fall, Bostonians have affirmed the need to guide growth to make Boston more inclusive and ensure that Bostonians in all neighborhoods have access to opportunity. Many comments on coUrbanize expressed an interest in improving job training and access to quality employment and education. A significant number of residents also shared ideas that proposed utilizing existing space in different ways, including new types of working spaces and space for small businesses.

  • “Cultivate and keep bright minds in Boston. Computer science is revolutionizing the world and there’s a need for minority groups in the field. Boston being such a diverse city would be the perfect place to develop a program where all are welcome to learn programming in libraries and other community centers.” (Alex, South End)
  • “A mixed development space that would include a maker space, artist co-working, business co-working, meeting/event space, small business office space, a cafe and restaurants.” (Eileen, Jamaica Plain)
  • “The city should incentivize small business or any other initiative that will bring a positive impact to the community.” (Sebastian, Dorchester)
  • “There is huge opportunity at the Arborway Bus Yard for housing, jobs, job training, for a nonprofit hub, and more. Job training and support, financial education, and pathways out of poverty are important to ensure this remains a city for all.” (Reuben, Jamaica Plain)
  • “Bringing jobs closer to where people live will promote a healthier lifestyle with more people biking or walking to work.” (Karrie, Mattapan)

As Imagine Boston looks ahead to 2030, we will work to connect Bostonians to quality careers, support small businesses and create the quality of life and space to attract new companies and residents. Together, these efforts will allow us to guide growth to make Boston more innovative and inclusive.

Have an idea for how Boston can grow inclusively? Share it and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #ImagineBoston. You can also sign up for Imagine Boston updates.

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