Goal 2: Drive inclusive economic growth

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Ib2030 Goal 2 QuoteWe envision a future in which Boston’s growth delivers benefits to all of its residents and companies. In an economy driven by talent, quality of life is an economic asset. To ensure that Boston sustains its current growth, we will provide the space and quality of life our leading companies and institutions need to attract talent and offer well-paying jobs to Bostonians. To connect Bostonians to quality careers that provide living wages, we will build a robust network of job training programs, make strategic transportation investments, strengthen connections between local companies and residents and preserve key industries vital to our economic strength and diversity.

2016-02-12 Median HH Income-01

Median Household Income [1]

How can we achieve this goal? Our emerging strategies to drive inclusive economic growth are:

  • Expand access to quality jobs through training, education and technology access
  • Expand competitive knowledge economy sectors by providing space, talent and networking
  • Encourage the growth of mixed-use neighborhoods offering quality jobs close to residents
  • Connect low-income communities to job-rich districts
  • Reinforce the education, culture, open space and vitality needed to attract and retain talented residents and companies

Why are we setting this goal? This goal responds to Boston’s challenges and builds on its strengths:

  • Boston is at the center of an innovative regional economy with a growing global presence.
  • Boston has seen enormous recent job growth relative to peer cities. Knowledge industries that attract talented workers and new businesses constitute a powerful jobs engine for the city’s future and create an opportunity to strengthen career pathways for Boston residents.
  • However, persistent poverty and educational disparities across neighborhoods and races limit Bostonians’ economic mobility.

To achieve this goal and grow inclusively, we need to guide investment to address persistent disparities, ensure that Bostonians have access to quality careers and continue attracting talented businesses and workers.

Want to provide feedback on these strategies or add your ideas about how Boston can guide growth?  Please weigh in now on where Boston should grow.

[1] U.S. Census Bureau 2009-2013 American Community Survey; Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS); BRA Research Division Analysis

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