Bostonians have spoken: Your ideas to help the city promote a healthy environment

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This month, we’re using the blog to share what we’re hearing from Bostonians about how to achieve the four goals outlined in our report, Guiding Growth: Towards an Inclusive City. In the last two weeks, we’ve talked about inclusive economic growth and providing quality of life in accessible neighborhoods.

In this post, we will explore some of the solutions Bostonians have proposed that support our third goal: promote a healthy environment and adapt to climate change.  Much of the feedback we’ve heard from the Boston community has reflected the need to prepare the city for climate change and create a healthy environment citywide. Many comments on coUrbanize expressed interest in creating more green space and utilizing existing space in different ways to address climate risks:

  • “How awesome would it be to have a fully connected bike/walk trail (extension of the Charles River bike path) that went all the way around the waterfront of Boston? With outdoor cafes and Hubway stops along the way?” (Mary, Fenway)
  • “Add trees to the center median along Mass Ave where possible. A simple intervention that will help to mitigate noise and environmental pollution, make the busy gateway road more desirable place and increase property value.” (Christopher, South End)
  • “This beautiful natural resource [The Cenacles] needs to be protected and preserved for the future.” (Christopher, Brighton)
  • “Clean up Andrew Square…Create bike paths. And one way streets. Add trees. Add parks. Create environment where pedestrians can create more neighborhood feels and attract restaurants and retail stores.” (Michaela, South Boston)
  • “As Boston is doing with the Muddy River, continue to unearth the natural rivers that run through our city, and here, in particular the Stony Brook River at this stretch of Jamaica Plain…Prioritizing energy efficiency (green energy), healthy air, water and earth are essential for our long-term success and growth.” (Anthe, JP)


image01In an effort to enhance Imagine Boston’s work around climate-related issues, with a particular focus on unlocking the potential of Boston’s entire waterfront, the Barr Foundation recently awarded the city a $210,000 grant for waterfront planning. The funding will support a detailed assessment and visioning process that defines how the resources of the waterfront can be used to contribute to the four goals of Imagine Boston.

Setting the stage for investments between now and 2030, Imagine Boston will prioritize creating a vibrant waterfront, protecting critical infrastructure from climate-related events, continuing to be a global leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and improving neighborhood quality of life and climate resilience. With creative ideas from Bostonians, we will work to achieve a more sustainable future by promoting environmental health and protecting Bostonians from the risks posed by climate change.

Have an idea for how Boston can promote environmental health? Share it and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #ImagineBoston. You can also sign up for Imagine Boston updates.

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