What is Imagine Boston 2030?

Imagine Boston 2030 is a multi-year initiative that will engage the public in creating a framework to guide the preservation, enhancement, and inclusive growth of our city between now and 2030. This citywide plan will promote quality of life in accessible neighborhoods, inclusive economic growth, a healthy environment and investment in infrastructure, open space and culture. See the Imagine Boston 2030 Goals for further information.

Why are we doing this planning process now?

It’s been 50 years since Boston last had a citywide plan. The general plan of 1965 sought to reverse Boston’s decline. Fast forward to today, and it’s clear that Boston has undergone an incredible transformation. We’re in the midst of a remarkable period of growth, stimulated by the city’s highly productive economy, growing job sectors and an increasing population, all of which have contributed to a building boom that is reshaping our city and reversing decades of population loss in the late 20th century. The challenge for us today is to harness this energy so that we preserve wisely, enhance equitably, and grow inclusively. If we keep these principles in mind as we chart the course for Boston’s future, we can ensure that our neighborhoods and the city as a whole remain thriving, healthy, and innovative.

How does this plan relate to Boston’s other planning efforts?

Boston is undertaking or has completed several key plans including work on transportation, housing, climate action, and arts and culture. Imagine Boston is planning at the citywide scale to ensure that Boston’s investments knit these efforts together to support the City’s vision for inclusive growth. By actively guiding Boston’s growth, we will make investments that yield multiple benefits. New housing will align with transportation investments, open space improvements will reduce climate risk and connect Bostonians to the waterfront, and offices and labs will be located near schools that train Bostonians for quality careers.

Whose idea was this plan, anyway?

Imagine Boston 2030 is an initiative of Mayor Martin J. Walsh. It will be a collaborative process informed by several City of Boston agencies and departments, and, most importantly, guided by Bostonians.

What is the timeline for Imagine Boston 2030?

Boston wasn’t built in a day, and our first citywide plan in 50 years won’t be, either. We anticipate that this public conversation will unfold over a two-year period. The following are key milestones along the way and our estimated goal for reaching these points.

Baseline Conditions Fall/Winter 2015
Draft Strategic Vision Spring 2016
Draft Physical Vision Spring/Summer 2016
Strategic Vision Plan Summer 2016
Place Based Priorities Fall 2016
Draft Citywide Plan November 2016
Last Draft May 2017
Final Plan Summer 2017
Who will be working on Imagine Boston 2030?

The Imagine Boston 2030 citywide planning effort is being coordinated by the Mayor’s Office and the Boston Planning & Development Agency, with input from residents and a diverse array of stakeholders. Sara Myerson, Director of Planning at the Boston Planning & Development Agency, is Mayor Walsh’s point person for managing this work and fostering collaboration among everyone involved.

How many residents have you heard from?

So far, we have heard from 14,000+ Bostonians from every neighborhood in the city through a number of engagement approaches, including visits from our street team, open houses, visioning sessions, suggestion boxes, text messages, social media, the digital mapping tool coUrbanize, and web surveys.

What feedback have you received so far?

While we have only just begun to collect feedback, the early response has been clear. When asked how their life will be better in 2030, the top three responses were:

  • Housing I can afford
  • Better transportation options
  • Quality education for all

We are continuing to ask for feedback from Bostonians about ideas they have that will help their neighborhoods grow inclusively and equitably, and these responses will be integrated into our citywide plan.

How can I get involved?
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