ith input from all those who call our city home, Imagine Boston 2030 will define a vision for Boston leading up to its 400th birthday and beyond, and a roadmap to realize that vision. As Boston’s first citywide plan in 50 years, Imagine Boston 2030 will create a framework to preserve and enhance Boston, while embracing growth as a means to address our challenges and make the city stronger and more inclusive.

The general plan of 1965 sought to convince people that Boston’s decline had ended. Fast-forward to today, and it’s clear that Boston has undergone an incredible transformation. We’re in the midst of remarkable job growth, stimulated by the city’s highly productive economy, emerging employment sectors and a growing population, all of which have contributed to a remarkable building boom that is set to reshape the skyline of our city in a way that hasn’t been seen since the industrial age.

The challenge for us today is to harness this energy so that we preserve wisely, enhance equitably, and grow inclusively. If we keep these principles in mind as we chart the course for Boston’s future, we can ensure that our neighborhoods and the city as a whole remain thriving, healthy, and innovative.


1Provide Quality of Life in Accessible Neighborhoods

  • Build and preserve housing that is affordable to Bostonians at a variety of income levels.
  • Create complete neighborhoods where all Bostonians are safe and have access to quality transit, healthy food, vibrant main streets and community spaces


2Drive Inclusive Economic Growth

  • Provide the space and quality of life our leading companies and institutions need to attract talent and offer well-paying jobs to Bostonians
  • Expand access to quality jobs through training, education and technology access
  • Encourage the growth of mixed-use neighborhoods offering quality jobs close to residents
  • Connect low-income communities to job-rich districts


3Promote a Healthy Environment and Adapt to Climate Change

  • Create a 21st century waterfront that reduces our vulnerability to climate risk, creates jobs and dramatically improves the public realm
  • Protect critical infrastructure and economic assets from impacts and disruption that result from climate-related events
  • Continue to be a global leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment and energy, transit and waste sectors
  • Improve neighborhood quality of life and climate resilience through better air and water quality, brownfield remediation and green infrastructure


4Invest in Infrastructure, Open Space and Culture

  • Provide affordable, reliable 21st century mobility infrastructure in all neighborhoods, including safe multi-modal streets, new travel options and enhanced access to job centers and key services
  • Build and enhance open space that accommodates a range of activities and residents of all ages
  • Ensure a clean and vibrant public realm across all of Boston’s neighborhoods
  • Create and strengthen cultural offerings to reflect our diverse population and attract talent and tourism
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